Good morning David Keith Lynch and all of the rest of the wild and wily world wide webheads!  Hope all is going well enough in this perilous pandemic era.  Well, this morning I woke up feeling I should finally set down and finish my Lynch "essay" for this site, but unfortunately when I peered within I saw thick clouds of confusion still preventing the dawning of a beautiful blue sky day of enlightenment.  Rest assured though, whenever those darn clouds disappear and blue skies of heady and transcendent inner enlightenment return all along the way, I will sigh resignedly, rewatch all of the indie moving paintings of Master Lynch and all of the most important allegorical films that implicitly address him like the twilit and allegoricall David Cronenberg indie docufeature films THE DEAD ZONE (1983) and CRASH (1995) and finally finish that "essay".  !Until then, I hope David and everyone else has an awesome day!


- grisly and gruesome Gardevil