Hi, I’m Gary W. Wright, better known to most of you as Gardevil, the Fan With No Fear.  Recently I watched yet another American film that had so called ‘Canadians’ saying ridiculously things like ‘oot’ and ‘aboot’ instead of ‘out’ and ‘about’.  This bizarre and untrue nonsense reminded me that a UN Convention banning silly ‘Canadian’ stereotypes in film must be passed as soon as possible.


        While I would be more than happy to address the UN General Assembly in a special emergency session and persuade the world to pass this important and timely Convention, I cannot do so without the financial support of passionate fans of film art like yourself.  So do Canada and film art a favour and please, send me all of your money so that I can visit the UN, now.  That’s right, NOW.  Not tomorrow, not yesterday, NOW.  Thanks!


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